"Covers Dixie Like the Dew"

A History of Newspaper Journalism in Georgia

Expansion and Diversification of Coverage

The twentieth century brought continued growth and change to print journalism in Georgia. By 1917, Georgia could boast 35 daily newspapers and 275 weekly newspapers—more than any other southern state. This expansion also included specialized newspapers intended to serve more targeted audiences, including student papers that covered events on campuses statewide. Publishers also established newspapers like the Southern Israelite, which served the Jewish population in Atlanta, to report on the affairs of religious minorities in the state. African American newspapers also expanded their presence in Georgia, among them the Atlanta World (later Atlanta Daily World), established in 1928. Expanding technologies further contributed to a diversified readership, as publishers were increasingly able to afford a variety of new features, including larger headlines, illustrations, photography, cartoons, crossword puzzles, and visually appealing ads. These features enlivened newspaper content and attracted readers whose attention was being pulled toward other forms of media, including radio and later television.